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Just a quick email to say a big thank you for your professional training and support throughout all of last week, leading to me successfully completing my DAS course and test

Many Thanks
Tom Heart

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At ABC Motorcycle training we understand the individual needs and skills for riding a Moped to a Motorcycle  from 50cc to 1800cc.

We offer free Assessments.

We can save you hundreds of pounds, rather than booking a block 5 day course with another company. Many of our successful customers have only needed 2 or 3 days training. Our assessment will include the day needed to take your test.

We are so confident in our teaching, our success and the new test that we are offering completely free one retest for the Module 1 test. Anyone who has booked a 5 day DAS or more can take up this offer with no extra charges. You get the Test, the Motorcycle and the Instructor FREE.




Bike & Fuel


A2 Restricted Licence

2 Days = £399

3 Days = £499

4 Days = £599

Direct Access Scheme

3 Days = £499

4 Days = £599

5 Days = £699


  • DAS INSTRUCTOR £100/£150
  • CBT
  • DAS

For all courses, bring your driving licence, both parts if a new style licence. Make sure you have valid entitlement for the machine you wish to ride.
If you wish to use your own machine you will need to contact us first this is very important and paramount to your safety.
If you need glasses for driving bring them, we will need to test your eyesight.
For full bike licence training you will need to bring your C.B.T. certificate and theory pass certificate, if applicable.
If you haven't got proper motorcycle clothing we advise you to ring us first.

For all courses we suggest that you read; 'The highway Code', and 'Motorcycle Riding, The Essential Skills', published by the DSA. For the Theory Test we suggest you read; 'The Official Theory Test for Motorcyclists', published by the DSA.

Obtaining your C B T this is Compulsory Basic Training and is a legal requirement. It will enable you to ride your motorcycle on public roads as a learner. It is a course and not a test and will usually take a day to complete. It can be conducted on your own bike or one of ours. After some verbal briefings and off road training, you will then have a minimum of 2 hours on the road training. At the end you will be issued with your DL 196 your certificate validating your licence.

You could buy this bike or other bikes like and insure come and look round our show room After completing your CBT, which normally takes a full day, you will then be able to ride a moped, scooter, or motorcycle upto 125cc (not exceeding 14.6bhp) on the road. Please note, you need to be 17 or over to ride a machine over 49cc. On successful completion of your CBT you can continue training on a 125 motorcycle or scooter until you pass your test, or if you are 21 or over you can continue your training on a larger motorcycle (Direct Access).

To obtain your full licence you must take a DSA test. There are 3 types of test that you can take. It depends on your age and your own preference. These are explained on THE LAW page

On your lessons with us you will be using state of the art digital radios, wearing reflective jackets and fully qualified DSA approved instructors will teach you.

You must have a full or provisional licence for the correct class of vehicle you intend to ride, and it must be signed in ink. At 16 you can ride a moped and at 17 you can ride a learner motorcycle. As of Feb 1st 2001 the provisional entitlement lasts till the age of 70 on new licences and old ones can be updated. A full car licence is also a provisional bike licence.

A CBT Certificate (to get one click CBT) is required for all trainee motorcyclists except full car licence holders riding a moped who obtained that catagory before 1st Feb 2001and full moped licence holders who passed the relevant test. Full car licence holders who passed before that date may ride mopeds but the others must have a CBT but it is valid for the life of the licence.

As a learner You must also have:
  • Minimum 3rd party insurance.
  • Current road fund licence (tax disc).
  • L plates displayed front and rear.
  • MOT if over 3 years old.
What you are not allowed:
  • To carry passengers.
  • To travel on a motorway.

In addition your vehicle must be in a roadworthy Condition and have legal tyres on it.... that being 1mm for bikes and visible tread for mopeds.

At the age of 17 to 21 years old you have the choice of 2 types of test. The A1 light motorcycle test which allows you to ride up to a 125cc (11kw or 14.6bhp), or the A test which allows you to ride up to 25kw or 33bhp but with a power to weight ratio not exceeding 0.16kw/kg. This category is upgraded to a full licence after two years.

People over 21 have a third option of a Direct Access test which must be on a machine exceeding 35kw